Additional customization for commands in MyToolbar

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Commands created with MyToolbar can be additionally customized using SOLIDWORKS functionality.

Navigate to Customize... menu in SOLIDWORKS by clicking on the empty space in toolbar or command manager area in SOLIDWORKS application.

SOLIDWORKS customize menu
SOLIDWORKS customize menu

Assigning shortcuts to commands

To assign shortcut navigate to Keyboard tab and search for the command from MyToolbar (either select the toolbar from the drop-down menus or type command name):

Shortcut assigned to macro button
Shortcut assigned to macro button

Click on the Shortcut(s) cell and assign the key combination.

Adding commands to command manager tab boxes

Commands created with MyToolbar can be hosted on any other toolbar or command tab boxes.

Navigate to the toolbar in the Commands tab of the Customize dialog.

Drag-n-drop the required command into the SOLIDWORKS toolbar area (other toolbar or command tab box)

Adding macro button to command tab box
Adding macro button to command tab box

Due to current limitation, the commands are not rendered properly in the Buttons area as shown on the picture below. But still can be dragged onto the toolbar and will function as normal.


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