Usage of IEdmVault5 interface in SOLIDWORKS PDM API

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IEdmVault5 interface is a root object in the SOLIDWORKS PDM API object model. It provides an access to the base services of the system, such as:

  • User Management
  • Batch operations
  • Data card management
  • Workflow management

In the stand-alone application pointer to the vault can be created via constructor. To initialize the variable it is required to call the IEdmVault5::Login or IEdmVault5::LoginAuto. The first method requires to enter all credentials while second one provides the integrated login, i.e. default SOLIDWORKS PDM login page is displayed or user can be automatically logged in.

Pointer to the initialized instance of IEdmVault5 is passed to the IEdmAddIn5:OnCmd overload when creating the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in so it is not required to perform the login operation on that object in this case.

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