Managing e-mails for custom domains

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Configuring E-mail forwarding

If you are owning the domain name in the registrar such as GoDaddy or Google Domains, you might want to use e-mails with this domain name to send and receive messages (e.g. Using the custom domain name provides better professional look for your e-mails instead of using free services (e.g.

Majority of registrars provide options to host e-mails with custom domains, but in most cases those options are not free and price varies from several dollars to dozens of dollars per month per e-mail depending on the usage, space and support arrangements.

However most of the registrars provide free e-mail forwarding service for dozens or hundreds of e-mails. So you can still use your favourite e-mail service (including free services such as Gmail or Outlook) to host your e-mails, but use forwarding and e-mail aliases to customize the address of your e-mail to have a custom domain name.

Below video demonstrates how to setup the e-mail forwarding and alias using Gmail and domain name hosted on GoDaddy.

  1. Setup GoDaddy E-Mail Forwarding. As described in the video e-mails forwarded by GoDaddy from (Step 1) are not encrypted which results in the warning and vulnerability. To overcome this limitation, skip this step and go to step 2, otherwise proceed to step 4.
  2. Transfer GoDaddy Domain To Google Domains
  3. Setup Google Domains E-Mail Forwarding
  4. Setup E-Mail Aliases In Gmail

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