SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (formerly SOLIDWORKS EPDM) is Product Data Management system allowing to manage the life cycle of CAD documents.

Main feature include:

  • Centralized vault for securing data files
  • Data card for managing metadata
  • Workflows management
  • User access management
  • Bill of materials management
  • Concurrent file access management
  • Integration with SOLIDWORKS and other CAD systems, such as AutoCAD, Solid Edge, ProE etc.

SOLIDWORKS PDM is a highly configurable system which can be customized for a specific business process.

SOLIDWORKS PDM API enables an access to a large number of API interfaces providing the possibility to extend the PDM functionality. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Creating automation tasks add-ins with an ability to execute on a remote server
  • Creating serial number add-ins
  • Handling various events via SOLIDWORKS PDM hooks: file check in/check out, workflow change, etc.
  • Extending the menus and toolbars

This section contains tutorials, code examples and snippets for the most common SOLIDWORKS PDM API functionality.