Whats New: new features and bug fixes in Geometry++

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This page lists the version history of the released of Geometry++ add-in for SOLIDWORKS advanced geometry. It includes the most notable feature implemented and bugs fixed.

v.0.1.1 (Preview 1)

  • Added the feature to convert solid bodies to surface bodies
  • Adeed the feature to trim surfaces by the sketches or regions

v.0.2.2 (Alpha 1)

  • Added the feature to add fillets to bodies
  • Added the feature to extrude surface with caps at the ends
  • Modified the trim surfaces feature to support solid bodies. Feature is renamed to 'Crop Bodies'
  • Add a minor improvement on insertion performance as per issue 1
  • Implemented capturing of logs for troubleshooting

v.0.3.0 (Alpha 2)

  • Added the feature to create sheet bodies form the faces of input solid or surface body

v.0.4.0 (Alpha 3)

  • Added the feature to suspend rebuild operations


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