Using Callouts object for model annotation in SOLIDWORKS API

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Callouts in SOLIDWORKS are balloon like objects which can be attached to the entities (usually with selection) and display additional information about the entity. Callouts are not scaled with the model and stay in the same orientation even when model rotates.

Callouts are temp objects and usually destroyed after selection is cleared or operation complete.

The most common example of callouts in SOLIDWORKS is a Measure tool. When entities are selected the measurement results are displayed in the callouts.

SOLIDWORKS API enables the ability for creating callouts via the ISwCalloutHandler Interface interface. This handler allows to create a definition of the callout and handle related events.

Callouts can be displayed read-only or can capture the values, entered by users. Callouts can have different colors or be a single or multi rows.

This section contains macros and code examples utilizing SOLIDWORKS API to create, display and handle events of the callouts.

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