Macro to scale drawing views based on the geometry size using SOLIDWORKS API

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Drawing view scale options
Drawing view scale options

This VBA macro automatically scales drawing views in the current sheet based on the geometry size and specified matching map.

Map is a collection of instructions which defines the

  • Minimum and maximum width of the geometry. Specify * to match any value
  • Minimum and maximum height of the geometry. Specify * to match any value
  • Scale nominator and denominator if matched

Geometry size is calculated based on the bounding box of visible entities in the drawing view (this includes all the reference geometry, sketch entities, dimensions and other annotations):

Drawing view geometry size parameters
Drawing view geometry size parameters

All drawing views have an offset boundary. This boundary is deducted from the view size in order to get the actual value of the geometry. The value of the boundary is calculated dynamically (2% of the width or height of the sheet, whichever is smaller). This is not a documented value and might change in future by SOLIDWORKS which may affect the calculations in this macro.

Boundary offset of drawing view
Boundary offset of drawing view



BASE_VIEWS_ONLY variable controls if all views should be rescaled or only base views (i.e. views which do not have parent views). If this option set to True all views are processed and derived views will disconnect from the original source views.

Const BASE_VIEWS_ONLY As Boolean = False 'process all views

Scaling Map

Configure the scale map at the beginning of the macro. Specify as many map entries as needed.

Dim scaleMap As Variant
scaleMap = Array("0-0.1;*;1:1", "0.1-0.2;0.05-0.1;1:2", "another entry", ..., "last entry")

Each entry must follow the predefined format:

  • All values for width and height are in meters
  • Specify * to allow any width or height

In the example below

Array("0-0.1;*;1:1", "0.1-0.2;0.05-0.1;1:2")
  • All drawing views with width up to 100 mm and any height will be set to 1:1 scale
  • All drawing views with width between 100 mm to 200 mm and height between 50 mm to 100 mm will be set to 1:2 scale

Const BASE_VIEWS_ONLY As Boolean = True

Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

Sub main()
    Dim scaleMap As Variant
    scaleMap = Array("0-0.1;*;1:1", "0.1-0.2;0.05-0.1;1:2")
    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
    Dim swDraw As SldWorks.DrawingDoc

    On Error GoTo catch
    Set swDraw = swApp.ActiveDoc
    If Not swDraw Is Nothing Then
        RescaleViews swDraw, swDraw.GetCurrentSheet(), scaleMap
        Err.Raise vbError, "", "Please open the drawing document"
    End If
    GoTo finally
    MsgBox Err.Description & " (" & Err.Number & ")", vbCritical

End Sub

Sub RescaleViews(draw As SldWorks.DrawingDoc, sheet As SldWorks.sheet, scaleMap As Variant)
    Dim vViews As Variant
    vViews = GetSheetViews(draw, sheet)
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To UBound(vViews)
        Dim swView As SldWorks.view
        Set swView = vViews(i)
        Dim width As Double
        Dim height As Double
        GetViewGeometrySize swView, width, height
        Debug.Print swView.Name & " : " & width & " x " & height
        Dim j As Integer
        For j = 0 To UBound(scaleMap)
            Dim minWidth As Double
            Dim maxWidth As Double
            Dim minHeight As Double
            Dim maxHeight As Double
            Dim viewScale As Variant
            ExtractParameters CStr(scaleMap(j)), minWidth, maxWidth, minHeight, maxHeight, viewScale
            If width >= minWidth And width <= maxWidth And height >= minHeight And height <= maxHeight Then
                Debug.Print swView.Name & " matches " & CStr(scaleMap(j))
                If Not BASE_VIEWS_ONLY Or swView.GetBaseView() Is Nothing Then
                    Debug.Print "Setting scale of " & swView.Name & " to " & viewScale(0) & ":" & viewScale(1)
                    swView.ScaleRatio = viewScale
                    Debug.Print "Skipping " & swView.Name & " view as it is not a base view"
                End If
                Debug.Print swView.Name & " doesn't match " & CStr(scaleMap(j))
            End If
End Sub

Function GetSheetViews(draw As SldWorks.DrawingDoc, sheet As SldWorks.sheet) As Variant

    Dim vSheets As Variant
    vSheets = draw.GetViews()
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To UBound(vSheets)
        Dim vViews As Variant
        vViews = vSheets(i)
        Dim swSheetView As SldWorks.view
        Set swSheetView = vViews(0)
        If UCase(swSheetView.Name) = UCase(sheet.GetName()) Then
            If UBound(vViews) > 0 Then
                Dim swViews() As SldWorks.view
                ReDim swViews(UBound(vViews) - 1)
                Dim j As Integer
                For j = 1 To UBound(vViews)
                    Set swViews(j - 1) = vViews(j)
                GetSheetViews = swViews
                Exit Function
            End If
        End If
End Function

Sub GetViewGeometrySize(view As SldWorks.view, ByRef width As Double, ByRef height As Double)
    Dim borderWidth As Double
    borderWidth = GetViewBorderWidth(view)
    Dim vOutline As Variant
    vOutline = view.GetOutline()
    Dim viewScale As Double
    viewScale = view.ScaleRatio(1) / view.ScaleRatio(0)
    width = (vOutline(2) - vOutline(0) - borderWidth * 2) * viewScale
    height = (vOutline(3) - vOutline(1) - borderWidth * 2) * viewScale
End Sub

Function GetViewBorderWidth(view As SldWorks.view) As Double
    Const VIEW_BORDER_RATIO = 0.02
    Dim width As Double
    Dim height As Double
    view.sheet.GetSize width, height
    Dim minSize As Double
    If width < height Then
        minSize = width
        minSize = height
    End If
    GetViewBorderWidth = minSize * VIEW_BORDER_RATIO
End Function

Sub ExtractParameters(params As String, ByRef minWidth As Double, ByRef maxWidth As Double, ByRef minHeight As Double, ByRef maxHeight As Double, ByRef viewScale As Variant)

    Dim vParamsData As Variant
    vParamsData = Split(params, ";")
    ExtractSizeBounds CStr(vParamsData(0)), minWidth, maxWidth
    ExtractSizeBounds CStr(vParamsData(1)), minHeight, maxHeight
    Dim scaleData As Variant
    scaleData = Split(vParamsData(2), ":")
    Dim dViewScale(1) As Double
    dViewScale(0) = CDbl(Trim(scaleData(0)))
    dViewScale(1) = CDbl(Trim(scaleData(1)))
    viewScale = dViewScale
End Sub

Sub ExtractSizeBounds(boundParam As String, ByRef min As Double, ByRef max As Double)
    If Trim(boundParam) = "*" Then
        min = 0
        max = 1000000
        Dim minMax As Variant
        minMax = Split(boundParam, "-")
        min = CDbl(Trim(minMax(0)))
        max = CDbl(Trim(minMax(1)))
    End If
End Sub

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