SOLIDWORKS macro to break, lock or unlock all external references for files and components

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This example will break, lock or unlock all external references for the active model or all or selected components in the active assembly using SOLIDWORKS API.

Command to break all external references
Command to break all external references


Macro can be configured by modifying the value of the constants

Const MODIFY_ACTION As Integer = ModifyAction_e.UnlockAll 'Action to call on the references in the model. Supported values: BreakAll, LockAll, UnlockAll
Const REFS_SCOPE As Integer = Scope_e.AllComponents 'Scope to run the above action. Supported values: ThisFile, TopLevelComponents, AllComponents, SelectedComponents


This macro is compatible with Toolbar+ and Batch+ tools so the buttons can be added to toolbar and assigned with shortcut for easier access or run in the batch mode.

In order to enable macro arguments set the ARGS constant to true

#Const ARGS = True

In this case it is not required to make copies of the macro to set individual options for action and scope.

Instead specify 2 arguments:

  1. Use the -b, -l, -u, to set the action to Break All, Lock All, Unlock All respectively
  2. Use the -f, -t, -a to set the scope to This File, Top Level Components, All Components respectively

For example the parameters below will lock all external references of the file itself

> -l -f

While the following command will break all external references for all components of the assembly (including sub-components)

> -b -a

#Const ARGS = False 'True to use arguments from Toolbar+ or Batch+ instead of the constant

Enum ModifyAction_e
End Enum

Enum Scope_e
End Enum

Const MODIFY_ACTION As Integer = ModifyAction_e.UnlockAll
Const REFS_SCOPE As Integer = Scope_e.AllComponents

Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

Sub main()

    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
    On Error GoTo catch_
    Dim action As ModifyAction_e
    Dim scope As Scope_e
    #If ARGS Then
        Dim macroRunner As Object
        Set macroRunner = CreateObject("CadPlus.MacroRunner.Sw")
        Dim param As Object
        Set param = macroRunner.PopParameter(swApp)
        Dim vArgs As Variant
        vArgs = param.Get("Args")
        Dim actionArg As String
        actionArg = CStr(vArgs(0))
        Select Case LCase(actionArg)
            Case "-b"
                action = ModifyAction_e.BreakAll
            Case "-l"
                action = ModifyAction_e.LockAll
            Case "-u"
                action = ModifyAction_e.UnlockAll
            Case Else
                Err.Raise vbError, "", "Invalid action argument. Valid arguments -b -l -u"
        End Select
        Dim scopeArg As String
        scopeArg = CStr(vArgs(1))
        Select Case LCase(scopeArg)
            Case "-f"
                scope = ThisFile
            Case "-t"
                scope = TopLevelComponents
            Case "-a"
                scope = AllComponents
            Case Else
                Err.Raise vbError, "", "Invalid scope argument. Valid arguments -f -t -a"
        End Select
        action = MODIFY_ACTION
        scope = REFS_SCOPE
    #End If
    Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
    Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc
    If scope = ThisFile Then
        ProcessReferences swModel, action
        If swModel.GetType() = swDocumentTypes_e.swDocASSEMBLY Then
            Dim swAssy As SldWorks.AssemblyDoc
            Set swAssy = swModel
            swAssy.ResolveAllLightWeightComponents True
            Dim vComps As Variant
            Dim swComp As SldWorks.Component2
            Dim swCompModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
            If scope = SelectedComponents Then
                vComps = GetSelectedComponents(swModel.SelectionManager)
                Dim topLevel As Boolean
                Select Case scope
                    Case TopLevelComponents
                        topLevel = True
                    Case AllComponents
                        topLevel = False
                    Case Else
                        Err.Raise "Invalid scope"
                End Select
                vComps = swAssy.GetComponents(topLevel)
            End If
            Dim i As Integer
            If Not IsEmpty(vComps) Then
                For i = 0 To UBound(vComps)
                    Set swComp = vComps(i)
                    Set swCompModel = swComp.GetModelDoc2
                    If Not swCompModel Is Nothing Then
                        ProcessReferences swCompModel, action
                    End If
            End If
            Err.Raise "Please open assembly"
        End If
     End If
    GoTo finally_
    #If ARGS Then
        Err.Raise Err.Number, Err.Source, Err.Description, Err.HelpContext, Err.HelpContext
        MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical
    #End If

End Sub

Function GetSelectedComponents(selMgr As SldWorks.SelectionMgr) As Variant

    Dim isInit As Boolean
    isInit = False
    Dim swComps() As SldWorks.Component2

    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 1 To selMgr.GetSelectedObjectCount2(-1)
        Dim swComp As SldWorks.Component2
        Set swComp = selMgr.GetSelectedObjectsComponent4(i, -1)
        If Not swComp Is Nothing Then
            If Not isInit Then
                ReDim swComps(0)
                Set swComps(0) = swComp
                isInit = True
                If Not Contains(swComps, swComp) Then
                    ReDim Preserve swComps(UBound(swComps) + 1)
                    Set swComps(UBound(swComps)) = swComp
                End If
            End If
        End If

    If isInit Then
        GetSelectedComponents = swComps
        GetSelectedComponents = Empty
    End If

End Function

Function Contains(vArr As Variant, item As Object) As Boolean
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To UBound(vArr)
        If vArr(i) Is item Then
            Contains = True
            Exit Function
        End If
    Contains = False
End Function

Sub ProcessReferences(model As SldWorks.ModelDoc2, action As ModifyAction_e)
    Select Case action
        Case ModifyAction_e.BreakAll
            model.Extension.BreakAllExternalFileReferences2 False
        Case ModifyAction_e.LockAll
        Case ModifyAction_e.UnlockAll
        Case Else
            Err.Raise "Not supported action"
    End Select
End Sub

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