Create extruded slot temp body using SOLIDWORKS modeler API

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Extruded slot profile
Extruded slot profile

This VBA example demonstrates how to create a temp body by extruding the slot profile.

Macro will stop the execution and display the preview of the slot in the graphics area. Continue the macro to hide the preview and dispose temp body.

Slot profile is built in the GetSlotProfileBody function as per the parameters below:

Parameters of the slot
Parameters of the slot

Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks
Dim swModeler As SldWorks.Modeler
Sub main()

    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
    Set swModeler = swApp.GetModeler
    Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
    Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc
    If Not swModel Is Nothing Then
        Dim swSlotBody As SldWorks.Body2
        Dim swProfileBody As SldWorks.Body2
        Set swProfileBody = GetSlotProfileBody(0.02, 0.01)
        Dim dVec(2) As Double
        dVec(0) = 0: dVec(1) = 0: dVec(2) = 1
        Dim swDirVec As SldWorks.MathVector
        Set swDirVec = swApp.GetMathUtility().CreateVector((dVec))
        Set swSlotBody = swModeler.CreateExtrudedBody(swProfileBody, swDirVec, 0.1)
        swSlotBody.Display3 swModel, RGB(255, 255, 0), swTempBodySelectOptions_e.swTempBodySelectOptionNone
        Set swSweptBody = Nothing
        MsgBox "Please open model"
    End If

End Sub

Function GetSlotProfileBody(width As Double, radius As Double) As SldWorks.Body2
    Dim dAxis(2) As Double
    dAxis(0) = 0: dAxis(1) = 0: dAxis(2) = 1
    Dim a(2) As Double
    a(0) = -width / 2: a(1) = radius: a(2) = 0
    Dim b(2) As Double
    b(0) = width / 2: b(1) = radius: b(2) = 0
    Dim c(2) As Double
    c(0) = width / 2: c(1) = -radius: c(2) = 0
    Dim d(2) As Double
    d(0) = -width / 2: d(1) = -radius: d(2) = 0
    Dim e(2) As Double
    e(0) = -width / 2: e(1) = 0: e(2) = 0
    Dim f(2) As Double
    f(0) = width / 2: f(1) = 0: f(2) = 0
    Dim swCurves(3) As SldWorks.Curve

    Set swCurves(0) = CreateTrimmedArc(e, a, d, dAxis, radius)
    Set swCurves(1) = CreateTrimmedLine(a, b)
    Set swCurves(2) = CreateTrimmedArc(f, c, b, dAxis, radius)
    Set swCurves(3) = CreateTrimmedLine(c, d)
    Dim swSurf As SldWorks.Surface
    Dim swBody As SldWorks.Body2
    Dim dRefAxis(2) As Double
    dRefAxis(0) = 1: dAxis(1) = 0: dRefAxis(2) = 0
    Set swSurf = swModeler.CreatePlanarSurface2(a, dAxis, dRefAxis)
    Set swBody = swSurf.CreateTrimmedSheet4(swCurves, False)
    Set GetSlotProfileBody = swBody
End Function

Function CreateTrimmedLine(vStartPt As Variant, vEndPt As Variant) As SldWorks.Curve
    Dim startX As Double, startY As Double, startZ As Double, endX As Double, endY As Double, endZ As Double
    startX = vStartPt(0): startY = vStartPt(1): startZ = vStartPt(2)
    endX = vEndPt(0): endY = vEndPt(1): endZ = vEndPt(2)
    Dim swModeler As SldWorks.Modeler
    Set swModeler = swApp.GetModeler

    Dim dCenter(2) As Double
    dCenter(0) = startX: dCenter(1) = startY: dCenter(2) = startZ
    Dim dDir(2) As Double
    dDir(0) = endX - startX: dDir(1) = endY - startY: dDir(2) = endZ - startZ
    Dim swCurve As SldWorks.Curve
    Set swCurve = swModeler.CreateLine(dCenter, dDir)
    Set swCurve = swCurve.CreateTrimmedCurve2(startX, startY, startZ, endX, endY, endZ)
    Set CreateTrimmedLine = swCurve
End Function

Function CreateTrimmedArc(vCenterPt As Variant, vStartPt As Variant, vEndPt As Variant, vAxis As Variant, radius As Double)
    Dim swCurve As SldWorks.Curve
    Set swCurve = swModeler.CreateArc(vCenterPt, vAxis, radius, vStartPt, vEndPt)
    Set swCurve = swCurve.CreateTrimmedCurve2(vStartPt(0), vStartPt(1), vStartPt(2), vEndPt(0), vEndPt(1), vEndPt(2))
    Set CreateTrimmedArc = swCurve
End Function

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