Get all external references of document using SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API

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This macro demonstrates how to extract all external references (including nested references, assembly components, drawing views) for specified SOLIDWORKS file (part, assembly or drawing) using SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API.

Modify the macro and specify the full path to the root file to collect references from.

Run the macro. All references are output to the immediate window.

Macro is using the ISwDMDocument21::GetAllExternalReferences5 SOLIDWORKS Document Manager API to list all the dependencies of the files. This method is called recursively to collect the references at all levels of SOLIDWORKS assembly.

Const FILE_PATH As String = "FILE PATH"


Dim swDmApp As SwDocumentMgr.SwDMApplication4

Sub main()

    Dim swClassFact As SwDocumentMgr.SwDMClassFactory
    Set swClassFact = New SwDocumentMgr.SwDMClassFactory
    Set swDmApp = swClassFact.GetApplication(LIC_KEY)
    Dim filesColl As Collection
    Set filesColl = New Collection
    CollectExternalReferences FILE_PATH, filesColl
    Dim i As Integer
    Debug.Print "External References:"
    For i = 1 To filesColl.Count
        Debug.Print filesColl(i)
End Sub

Function CollectExternalReferences(filePath As String, coll As Collection)
    If Not Contains(coll, filePath) Then
        coll.Add filePath
    End If
    Dim swDmDoc As SwDocumentMgr.SwDMDocument19
    Dim searchOpts As SwDocumentMgr.SwDMSearchOption
    Set searchOpts = swDmApp.GetSearchOptionObject
    searchOpts.SearchFilters = SwDmSearchFilters.SwDmSearchExternalReference + SwDmSearchFilters.SwDmSearchRootAssemblyFolder + SwDmSearchFilters.SwDmSearchSubfolders + SwDmSearchFilters.SwDmSearchInContextReference
    Set swDmDoc = OpenDocument(filePath)
    If Not swDmDoc Is Nothing Then
        Dim vBrokenRefs As Variant
        Dim vVirtComps As Variant
        Dim vTimeStamps As Variant
        Dim vFilePaths As Variant
        vFilePaths = swDmDoc.GetAllExternalReferences4(searchOpts, vBrokenRefs, vVirtComps, vTimeStamps)
        If Not IsEmpty(vFilePaths) Then
            Dim i As Integer
            For i = 0 To UBound(vFilePaths)
                Dim childFilePath As String
                childFilePath = vFilePaths(i)
                CollectExternalReferences childFilePath, coll
        End If
        Debug.Print "Failed to open document: " & filePath
    End If
End Function

Function OpenDocument(filePath As String) As SwDocumentMgr.SwDMDocument19
    Dim err As SwDmDocumentOpenError
    Dim docType As SwDocumentMgr.SwDmDocumentType
    Dim ext As String
    ext = LCase(Right(filePath, 6))
    Select Case ext
        Case "sldprt"
            docType = swDmDocumentPart
        Case "sldasm"
            docType = swDmDocumentAssembly
        Case "slddrw"
            docType = swDmDocumentDrawing
    End Select
    Dim swDmDoc As SwDocumentMgr.SwDMDocument19
    Set swDmDoc = swDmApp.GetDocument(filePath, docType, True, err)
    Set OpenDocument = swDmDoc
End Function

Function Contains(coll As Collection, item As String) As Boolean
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 1 To coll.Count
        If LCase(coll.item(i)) = LCase(item) Then
            Contains = True
            Exit Function
        End If
    Contains = False
End Function

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