Reading the content of text file using Visual Basic (VBA)

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The below code snippet demonstrates how to read the text content from the specified file.

Dim content As String
content = ReadText("C:\MyFolder\MyFile.txt")

Code will generate an exception if file doesn't exist or cannot be read.

Function ReadText(filePath As String) As String
    Dim fileNo As Integer

    fileNo = FreeFile
    Dim content As String
    Dim isFirstLine As Integer
    isFirstLine = True
    Open filePath For Input As #fileNo
    Do While Not EOF(fileNo)
        Dim line As String
        Line Input #fileNo, line
        content = content & IIf(Not isFirstLine, vbLf, "") & line
        isFirstLine = False
    Close #fileNo
    ReadText = content
End Function


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