Whats New: new features and bug fixes of Stock Master add-in for SOLIDWORKS

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Stock Master is a SOLIDWORKS add-in providing the additional functionality for managing geometry to be stocked (e.g. cylindrical stock). This page lists all notable features and bug fixes which were added in each release of the software.

v.0.0.1 (Preview)

  • Ability to create round stock geometry based on the input selections
  • Property manager page to manage the user selections

v.0.0.2 (Preview)

  • Added dimensions to the generated stock body (height and radius)
  • Added the functionality to store the most recent user selections in the property page
  • Added About box
  • Added links to online documentation and what's new from property manager page

v.0.0.3 (Preview)

  • Added the feature naming as per pattern Stock Block Round for config CONFIG NAME
  • Added the 3 digits rounding for the diameter and height values in the custom properties

v.0.5.0 (Beta 1)

  • Product is renamed to Stock Master
  • Added ability to specify custom step for rounding
  • Added ability to specify the extra material

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