Writing the binary content into the file using Visual Basic (VBA)

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This code snippet demonstrates how to write binary data from the variable of type Byte() into the specified file using Visual Basic (VBA).

The below snippet will overwrite the data in the destination binary file

Dim arr(5237) As Byte
arr(0) = 12: arr(1) = 1: arr(2) = 0

Code will automatically create new file if it doesn't exist.

Exception will be thrown in case of any error (for example file cannot be accessed for writing).

Function WriteByteArrToFile(filePath As String, buffer() As Byte)

    Dim fileNmb As Integer
    fileNmb = FreeFile
    Open filePath For Binary Access Write As #fileNmb
    Put #fileNmb, 1, buffer
    Close #fileNmb
End Function

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