Export individual bodies and flat-patterns from SOLIDWORKS part file via Macro+ framework

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Macro+ FrameworkThis is a Macro+ enabled VBA macro. Paste the code into a new macro and add the reference to Xarial.CadPlus.MacroPlus.tlb (Macro+ COM API for CAD+ Toolset for SOLIDWORKS) type library from the installation folder of CAD+ Toolset
This macro supports arguments, logs and outputs results. It can be used in Toolbar+, Batch+ Stand-Alone+, Batch+ Integrated and Batch+ for SOLIDWORKS PDM

This VBA macro is Macro+ enabled macro that allows exporting all bodies in the active part file as individual files to foreign format (e.g. STEP, IGES, Parasolid etc.).

Sheet metal bodies could be exported to DXF/DWG format as flat pattern via Flat Pattern Export tool API of CAD+ Toolset

This macro supports the custom argument bodyName and it will be resolved to the corresponding body name.

'#Const TEST = True

Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks
Dim swCadPlus As ICadPlusSwAddIn

Sub main()

    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
    Dim swCadPlusFact As CadPlusSwAddInFactory
    Set swCadPlusFact = New CadPlusSwAddInFactory
    Set swCadPlus = swCadPlusFact.Create(swApp, True)
    Dim macroOper As IMacroOperation
    Set macroOper = GetMacroOperation()
    Dim vArgs As Variant
    vArgs = macroOper.Arguments
    Dim swModel As SldWorks.ModelDoc2
    Set swModel = macroOper.model
    Dim swPart As SldWorks.PartDoc
    Set swPart = swModel
    Dim vBodies As Variant
    vBodies = swPart.GetBodies2(swBodyType_e.swAllBodies, True)
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim swBody As SldWorks.Body2
    Dim customVarValProv As IMacroCustomVariableValueProvider
    Set customVarValProv = New CustomVariableValueProvider
    Dim resFilePaths() As String
    Dim inputBodies() As SldWorks.Body2
    For i = 0 To UBound(vBodies)
        Set swBody = vBodies(i)
        Dim j As Integer
        For j = 0 To UBound(vArgs)
            Dim macroArg As IMacroArgument
            Set macroArg = vArgs(j)
            Dim fileName As String
            fileName = macroArg.GetValue(customVarValProv, swBody)
            Dim filePath As String
            filePath = GetDirectory(swModel.GetPathName) & fileName
            If (Not resFilePaths) = -1 Then
                ReDim resFilePaths(0)
                ReDim inputBodies(0)
                ReDim Preserve resFilePaths(UBound(resFilePaths) + 1)
                ReDim Preserve inputBodies(UBound(inputBodies) + 1)
            End If
            resFilePaths(UBound(resFilePaths)) = filePath
            Set inputBodies(UBound(inputBodies)) = swBody
    Dim vResFiles As Variant
    vResFiles = macroOper.SetResultFiles(resFilePaths)
    For i = 0 To UBound(vResFiles)
        Dim resFile As IMacroOperationResultFile
        Set resFile = vResFiles(i)
        Set swBody = inputBodies(i)
        Dim ext As String
        ext = GetExtension(resFile.path)
        If LCase(ext) = "dxf" Or LCase(ext) = "dwg" Then
            If False <> swBody.IsSheetMetal() Then
                TryExportFlatPattern swModel, swBody, resFile, macroOper
                resFile.Status = MacroOperationResultFileStatus_e_Initializing
                macroOper.ReportIssue "Flat pattern export is skipped for " & swBody.Name, MacroIssueType_e_Information
            End If
            TryExportBody swModel, swBody, resFile, macroOper
        End If
End Sub

Sub TryExportBody(model As SldWorks.ModelDoc2, body As SldWorks.Body2, resFile As IMacroOperationResultFile, macroOper As MacroOperation)

    On Error GoTo catch_
    Dim swSelMgr As SldWorks.SelectionMgr
    Set swSelMgr = model.SelectionManager
    Dim swBodies(0) As SldWorks.Body2
    Set swBodies(0) = body
    If swSelMgr.AddSelectionListObjects(swBodies, Nothing) = 1 Then
        Dim filePath As String
        filePath = resFile.path
        Dim errs As Long
        Dim warns As Long
        Dim dir As String
        dir = GetDirectory(filePath)
        CreateDirectories dir
        If False <> model.Extension.SaveAs2(filePath, swSaveAsVersion_e.swSaveAsCurrentVersion, swSaveAsOptions_e.swSaveAsOptions_Silent, Nothing, "", False, errs, warns) Then
            resFile.Status = MacroOperationResultFileStatus_e_Succeeded
            Err.Raise vbError, "", "Failed to export '" & body.Name & "' to '" & filePath & "'. Error code: " & errs
        End If
        Err.Raise vbError, "", "Failed to select " & body.Name
    End If

    GoTo finally_
    macroOper.ReportIssue Err.Description, MacroIssueType_e_Error
    resFile.Status = MacroOperationResultFileStatus_e_Failed

    swSelMgr.ResumeSelectionList2 False
End Sub

Sub TryExportFlatPattern(model As SldWorks.ModelDoc2, body As SldWorks.Body2, resFile As IMacroOperationResultFile, macroOper As MacroOperation)

    On Error GoTo catch_
    Dim expData(0) As FlatPatternExportDataCom
    Set expData(0) = New FlatPatternExportDataCom
    Set expData(0).body = body
    expData(0).Options = FlatPatternOptionsCom_e.FlatPatternOptionsCom_e_BendLines
    expData(0).OutFilePath = resFile.path
    Dim vRes As Variant
    vRes = swCadPlus.FlatPatternExport.BatchExportFlatPatterns(model, expData)
    Dim res As FlatPatternExportResult
    Set res = vRes(0)
    If False = res.Succeeded Then
        Err.Raise vbError, "", res.Error
    End If
    resFile.Status = MacroOperationResultFileStatus_e_Succeeded
    GoTo finally_
    macroOper.ReportIssue Err.Description, MacroIssueType_e_Error
    resFile.Status = MacroOperationResultFileStatus_e_Failed

End Sub

Function GetMacroOperation() As IMacroOperation
    Dim macroOper As IMacroOperation
    #If TEST Then
        Dim swCadPlusFact As Object
        Set swCadPlusFact = CreateObject("CadPlusFactory.Sw")
        Set swCadPlus = swCadPlusFact.Create(swApp, False)
        Dim args(2) As String
        args(0) = "MFGs\STEP\{ path [FileNameWithoutExtension] }-{ bodyName }.step"
        args(1) = "MFGs\IGES\{ path [FileNameWithoutExtension] }-{ bodyName }.igs"
        args(2) = "MFGs\DWG\{ path [FileNameWithoutExtension] }-{ bodyName }.dwg"
        Set macroOper = swCadPlus.CreateMacroOperation(swApp.ActiveDoc, "", args)
        Dim macroOprMgr As IMacroOperationManager
        Set macroOprMgr = CreateObject("CadPlus.MacroOperationManager")
        Set macroOper = macroOprMgr.PopOperation(swApp)
    #End If
    Set GetMacroOperation = macroOper
End Function

Function GetExtension(path As String) As String
    GetExtension = Right(path, Len(path) - InStrRev(path, "."))
End Function

Function GetDirectory(path As String)
    GetDirectory = Left(path, InStrRev(path, "\"))
End Function

Sub CreateDirectories(path As String)

    Dim fso As Object
    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    If fso.FolderExists(path) Then
        Exit Sub
    End If

    CreateDirectories fso.GetParentFolderName(path)
    fso.CreateFolder path
End Sub

CustomVariableValueProvider Class Module

Option Explicit

Implements IMacroCustomVariableValueProvider

Function IMacroCustomVariableValueProvider_Provide(ByVal varName As String, ByVal args As Variant, ByVal context As Variant) As Variant

    Dim swBody As SldWorks.Body2
    Set swBody = context

    Select Case varName
        Case "bodyName":
            IMacroCustomVariableValueProvider_Provide = swBody.Name
        Case Else
            Err.Raise vbError, "", "Not supported variable: " & varName
    End Select

End Function

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